Thousand Shields

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Thousand Shields is a tall fortress made of white stone found in the middle of the Drumish city of Prophet's Home. It houses the primary training facilities for the Mercenary League, the nation's army of fierce, amoral soldiers. The castle it nestled between the two halves of the city (which form the shape of a rough eight around it): the martial district, and the support district.[1]

School of the Arcane

For another meaning of "Scar", please see Scar (Otari).

The only part of the fortress that is not all white is the tower called the School of the Arcane, known locally as simply the Scar. A swirl of magical energy surrounds it day and night, giving the tower (and its inhabitants) quite a sinister reputation. Despite this ominous sight, the Drumish people of Prophet's Home never question the Mercenary League about the tower, preferring to pretend that it does not even exist.[1]


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