Prophet's Home

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Prophet's Home
Nation Druma
Region Rhuzam
Size Small city
Population 6,900
Demographics 4,830 humans, 1,380 dwarves, 690 other
Government Military
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Randalson

Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 43

The city of Prophet's Home is located in the northeast of the country of Druma. It is best known for housing the training facilities of the Mercenary League, the military protection and enforcement arm of the Prophets of Kalistrade.[1]


Unlike Kerse or even Macridi, Prophet's Home has a quite utilitarian look about it, eschewing the grandeur and ostentatious displays of wealth found in other Drumish cities. The streets are wide and lined with oaks, and most of its homes are quite quaint and built of brick. The tall, grey outer walls of the city form the rough shape of an eight, dividing it into two sections: the martial district and the support district. In the middle is Thousand Shields, a breathtaking fortress of white stone that towers above the rest of the city. It is here that the Mercenary League has its headquarters and main training facility.[1]