Throne of Nalt

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Throne of Nalt
(Magic item)
Aura Strong divination and enchantment
Caster Level 20th
Type Major artifact
Slot None
Origin Shackles
Affiliation Seven Relics of Kazavon

Source: Crown of Fangs, pg(s). 66

The Throne of Nalt is one of several artifacts believed to have fallen into the possession of the Shackles pirate Nalt Tarbrow. According to rumour, Nalt stored these artifacts in the Ghol-Gan dungeons beneath his fortress Eel's Skull in the Shackles. It is sometimes blamed for causing Nalt to descend into madness.[1]

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The Throne was fashioned from the wings of the Kuthonite blue dragon Kazavon.[2]


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