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Seven Relics of Kazavon

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The Seven Relics of Kazavon are major artifacts created from the bones of the dread blue dragon Kazavon, a servant of Zon-Kuthon. They are all imbued with a portion of the undying dragon's spirit, and are quite intelligent.1


Kazavon was defeated at Scarwall in the Hold of Belkzen in 4063 AR by the hero Mandraivus and his cohorts. Even after the dragon was dead and dismembered, they noticed that the pieces tried to move toward each other and bind themselves back together. Not wishing for Kazavon to be reformed, each of the companions took a part of his body and dispersed them throughout Golarion. Eventually, because of their great innate magical power, each of the skeletal parts were reformed into a powerful magical item. They are described in further detail below.1

Armor of Skulls

The Armor of Skulls is a suit of breastplate armor sized for a giant and made from the head of the defeated blue dragon. It was created by and is in the possession of the frost giant Jarl Yensiir Rimeblood, the leader of the Jhodagarn clan who inhabit the Ortwaar Valley in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords' Tusk Mountains.1

Bound Blade

The Bound Blade is an incredibly powerful bastard sword that was somehow spontaneously generated from the claws of Kazavon. It was last known to be in the possession of an unnamed choker who lived in the Darklands of southern Garund.12

Crown of Fangs

The Crown of Fangs was created by Queen Ileosa of Korvosa from the teeth of Kazavon with the aid of powerful allied devils. It was destroyed in 4708 AR by a group of heroes who defeated the Queen after she nearly succeeded in sacrificing the entire population of Korvosa for her selfish, personal gain.23

Howling Horn

The Howling Horn was constructed from two of Kazavon's horns, and is now in the hoard of the green dragon Cadrilkasta, who lairs in the sea cliffs of Razmiran.4


Fashioned from the flayed ribs of Kazavon, the Shredskin now is purported to be in the possession of the Zon-Kuthon himself, who keeps it in a vault in Xovaikain on the Plane of Shadow.4

Staff of the Slain

The Staff of the Slain is a magical quarterstaff made from the tailbones of the infamous dragon. It was constructed by the wizard Kolwyddon, one of Mandraivus' original party. He finally killed himself in his tower in Taldor, rather than fall under the control of the staff's spirit.5

Throne of Nalt

The magical artifact known as the Throne of Nalt was built from the wings of Kazavon. It were fashioned by a smuggler named Nalt Tarbrow, who kept it in his pirate fortress known as Eel's Skull in the Shackles. In a fit of madness and panic, he brought his headquarters down rather than let the Throne be captured, burying it under tons of stone.5


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