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Blue dragon

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Blue dragon
A blue dragon.
Type Dragon
CR 5–21 (by age category)
Environment Warm deserts
Adjective Draconic
Images of blue dragons

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 94

Blue dragons are a race of chromatic dragons who normally inhabit Golarion's most arid regions. They are obsessive schemers and highly addicted to strict order.[1]


Blue dragons are responsible for more half-dragon and dragon-blooded creatures than any other draconic breed.

Blue dragons have a very sleek appearance necessitated by their burrowing and boast only a single pair of horns that sweep from the back of their skulls. Their faces are smoother than most dragons, as the sand they burrow through wears away any exposed ridges of horn. Blue dragons are the only dragons able to tuck their wings close in to their body to keep them out of the way, and the leading edges of their wings are covered in thick scales to help prevent damage while underground.[2]


Blue dragons are the only chromatic dragons that lair near or beneath humanoid settlements, reflecting their desire to control and manipulate.[3] Blue dragons dwell in Golarion's deserts and are most common in the north of Garund, specifically Rahadoum, Thuvia, and Osirion. They also live in Qadira, with a scattering living in the dry southern reaches of Cheliax near the Arch of Aroden. They possess an intense hatred towards the idealism of Andoran.[4]

Blue dragon lairs reflect their love of social manipulation. The ideal blue dragon lair would be beneath a front for some kind of illegal operation owned by one of the dragon's lieutenants. Such a perfect lair can take centuries to cultivate, however, and most young blue dragons will settle for a dry cave, ideally with a water source. It then uses its minions to slowly build up a settlement around it. As they inhabit the same region as brass dragons, blue dragons often compete for lairs with them, favoring those stolen from defeated brass rivals. Blue dragons also often lavish large sums on sculpting their lairs to include incredible architectural features.[5] The desert territories of blue dragons are often more stable and wealthy than the surrounding areas as the dragons use their influence to destroy any threats to the trade routes passing through their domains, funneling more gold into their hoard and giving them more people they can manipulate.[3]


Blue dragons are obsessively controlling creatures, including toward themselves and their own emotions. They lack green dragons' self-discipline, however, and sometimes snap. Blue dragons have the strongest lungs of all dragonkind, allowing them to fly higher than any other breed and giving them an advantage when facing other types of dragon. They refuse to eat any sort of plant matter out of sheer disdain but can consume nutrients directly from sand and rock if starving. One of the few pleasures blue dragons allow themselves is to swim alone through the endless sands of the desert, which they claim focuses their minds. Blue dragons are responsible for more half-dragon and dragon-blooded creatures than any other draconic breed.[2]

On Golarion

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Notable blue dragons include:

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