Twilight Academy

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The Twilight Academy is a major center for magical learning in Varisia. Located in the small town of Galduria, it was founded by mages who wished to sidestep the politics of the larger magical colleges in Korvosa and Magnimar. Because of this, it is looked down upon by the other Varisian schools, who consider it an upstart with no sense of tradition or history.1

The Academy has always had the reputation of promoting unconventional theories of magic while applying few strictures on its students, leading to the occasional spell going awry.1 This was most memorably demonstrated in 4688 AR, when a group of precocious necromancers from the Academy lost control of their carrion golems. The constructs went on a horrible spree of destruction in the countryside that is remembered to this day.2

The building that houses the Academy is constructed more like a small fortress, with numerous mundane and magical defenses. Some speculate that these defenses are designed more to keep people in, rather than to keep intruders away.3

Harrowed Society

The Harrowed Society is a secretive group of study at the Academy that researches the use and history of the Harrow. Its students are often arcanists who meld psychic magic into their work.4


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