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Carrion golem

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Carrion golem
A miniature of a carrion golem.

Carrion golems are putrid constructs crafted from decaying corpses and typically formed into shapes resembling humanoids.1


The average carrion golem stands as tall as an average human but is easily distinguished as something else by the various corpses used in its construction. Blackened thread binds mismatched pieces from various creatures, humanoid and beast alike, into a grisly whole. Occasionally, carrion golems are crafted with wings or other extra parts; these are usually non-functioning and serve no practical purpose.12


Though lacking intelligent thought, carrion golems possess great strength and fight with a single-minded ferocity that makes them dangerous opponents. These constructs also possess varying degrees of immunity to magical threats.12

Because carrion golems are usually crafted from any scraps of flesh their creators can easily obtain, many of the corpses used are the remains of those who have fallen to disease. These contagions remain a threat to victims of a carrion golem.1


First crafted by the cambion3 necromancer Yargtha, carrion golems are typically used by their creators as guardians. Those without masters wander, and are drawn seemingly by instinct to locations of disease and death. Most institutions of magical study disapprove of the creation of these golems.2


Though most carrion golems are similar in both design and function, necromancers have been known to create variant constructs to meet specific needs.2

Crafted for enhanced speed and the ability to carry a rider, carrion golem mounts provide necromancers with steeds both obedient and fearsome in appearance.2
Carefully pieced together in order to visually resemble their creator, any interaction with these carrion golems betrays their true nature.2
Possessing the same strengths and abilities of normal carrion golems, these variants hold within them a explosive mixture of substances that detonate when the construct is destroyed. The blast results in both widespread destruction and disease.2


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