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Great Ulas is a mountain in the First World with a cinder-cone shape and millions of tiny green tentacles that hold it inches above the ground and allow it to walk several miles per hour. Its size allows it to crush everything in its path, although it refuses to fight and its wanderings are not driven by malice, being the only Tane to have abandoned its purpose. Not even the Eldest can say anything about the thoughts (if any) inside Ulas' mind.12

The forests on the slopes of Ulas are home to redcaps, brownies, and warrior nymphs who both venerate it as a parent with prayers and rites, and tenaciously protect it from unscrupulous alchemists who seek its blood, a powerful alchemical reagent. As they dig through the soil of Ulas to reach its flesh, the mountain's pain and despair send its denizens into a rage.1