Unsung Three

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Unsung Three

Elven triplets, now baykoks
Source: Ships of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 49

The Unsung Three are three male undead deadly archers on the dread sloop Mark of Yunnarius in the Shackles. They prowl the ship's decks wielding magical bows, rumored to be artifacts from a Ghol-Gan tomb. It is said that their targets are hit by the arrows before even sighting the Mark of Yunnarius.1

The three elves, Denhil, Lendhol, and Quendel Thenille were renowned hunters before they joined the crew of the Mark of Yunnarius.2 The triplets had spent decades exploring the ancient ruins of Ghol-Gan. They were murdered together with Emalynday by Emalynday's treacherous lover, the elven barbarian Imdlara, in 4664 AR. The foul energy released by Emalynday's transformation into a banshee, turned the slain triplets into baykoks.3