Ury Sevenskulls

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Ury Sevenskulls
Ury Sevenskulls face card.jpg
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Orc
Class Barbarian 10
Gender Male
Homeland Hold of Belkzen

Source: Skeletons of Scarwall, pg(s). 16–17

Ury Sevenskulls is the son of a renowned war chief of the Rotten Tongue orc tribe and is himself the chief of the Deadwatcher orcs who guard the entrance to Scarwall. Ury gains his name from a necklace of seven silver-plated red wyrmling skulls he wears around his neck, though his prized possession is his mighty greatsword, Akeraum.[1] Ury is thought to have been killed in 4708 AR when heroes from the Varisian city of Korvosa attempted to enter the castle to retrieve an ancient relic, though reports of his death have not been confirmed.


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