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Named Works

The Chronicles of Aeromancy
This is a highly specialized and technical work that describes the development of aeromancy in Ulduvai, epecially at the engineering level.[1]
The Darcon Codicil
This bone-plated book was written in Ancient Osiriani by the Fiend Pharaoh. Within the pages are the true names of dozens of demons and devils.[2]
A History of Ulduvai
This is the official chronicle of the Shory city of Ulduvai. It explains the city's history, government, and noteable inhabitants. It specifically mentions Banderak, his involvement in founding a new "sky-faith", and his role as an aeromancer.[3]
Kings of the Flying Apes
A history book of particular interest to aerial tacticians, and military historians. The book details the ascention of the derhii. It describes their gradual increase in military sophistication through various wars and raids, to become potent aerial allies of Ulduvai.[3]
One specific section section, entitled "On the Summoning of Flying Apes", details an incantation to call the flying apes.[1]
The Lost Scrolls of Bylduvan
Despite its title, this foul work is actually a bound volume. Contained within are incantations to summon and control horrific creatures of the air.
Hidden on a single warded page with the book, is a description of a powerful guardian refered to as "the watcher".[1]
Punish The Guilty
This gilt edged, and leather bound book on Absalom law was part of the private law library of the late Judge Silman Trabe.[4]
The Thousand Wings
This work is on of mad ravings, and prophesy. It was authored by a group of Sky Prophets shortly before the fall of Ulduvai. For their effort in sifting through the ravings, readers will be rewarded with details of the Sky Prophet's history, organization, methods and dogma.[1]
Whispers of the Immortal
This faded text was written by a diciple of Tar-Baphon, and considered ancient by 4707 AR. It details the life, undeath and eventual divine ascention of the Whispering Tyrant. The book was found by Drazmorg while at the High Academae, and taken with him to Droskar's Crucible. Officials at the High Acadamae purchased the volume from an adventurer - who claimed that it was found in an old crypt in the Fangwood Forest - despite their reservations about its authenticity.[5]

Untitled Works

book of hymns to Torag
A beautifully illuminated book of hymns dedicated to Torag.[6]
prayer book to Lamashtu
This ancient prayer book is written in Abyssal. As befits a text dedicated to Lamashtu, it describes many of the worlds monsterous denezins, even including several gruesome woodcuts.[7]
tome of esoteric magic
Written in Sylvan, this large tome contains questionable arcana, such as a ritual purported to allow fey to grow replacemnts for lost body parts.[8]


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