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For another meaning of "Fangwood", please see Fangwood (province).

The Fangwood is a large forest that covers much of Nirmathas and Lastwall. The Nirmathi see the Fangwood as vital, both for their economy and as a hiding place for soldiers.[1][2] It is bisected by the Tourondel River (which also forms the border between Nirmathas and Lastwall). North of the river in Lastwall, it is generally referred to as the Northern Fangwood; while in Nirmathas, it is known as the Southern Fangwood.[3]

Terrain within the Fangwood is often difficult and broken up by hills, cliffs, canyons, and large boulders. The forest itself has very thick undergrowth, and is often in perpetual twilight due to the canopy of its trees, which can reach 100 feet in height, blotting out the sun. In addition, remnants of elven magic linger in the forest, often causing its geography to change seasonally as geographic features shift, move, emerge, or vanish.[4] Currently, much of the Fangwood remains unexplored and unmapped.[5]

Northern Fangwood

This part of the Fangwood has been avoided for a long time by Lastwall's inhabitants due to its impenetrable undergrowth and hostile fauna. As one penetrates deeper into the forest, the dangers multiply, as the central woodland is home to several tribes of orcs, a green dragon named Zedoran, and redcaps[6] who prey on both the orcs and on prospective dragonslayers.


The great wyrm Zedoran has lived here for generations, and no dragonslayers have ever tracked him back to his lair. Even those who have attempted to scout his home from the air have come up empty-handed, leading some to believe that the creature disguises his home with illusion magic. Zedoran generally keeps to himself, and only emerges every few decades to raid settlements in Lastwall, Nirmathas, and Ustalav. When he does so, he is always followed by numerous tribes of orcs, who take advantage of the distraction to attack smaller villages. This indicates that Zedoran might have an alliance with the orcs, or else the latter are simply observant opportunists.[1]

Southern Fangwood

The forest's southern end provides vital cover for Nirmathi guerrilla fighters. Its fey history still echoes despite an invasive blight that brought an end to the seven-millennia-old fey court that watched over the woods, Kellid clans, and dwarves who live nearby.[7] The southern Fangwood remains home to a reclusive population of arboreals, as well as to a clan of natural werebears[8]


The Fangwood has been settled by humanoids for millennia. The first known such inhabitants were the elves who were known to have discovered numerous fey species within the wood, as well as noting unequaled numbers of connections to the First World. Most left around the time of Earthfall, either fleeing back to Kyonin or through planar portals to the First World. There they discovered that most of the connections to the Material Plane had closed.[7]


The Fangwood Forest (technically including some of the smaller woodlands surrounding it) is known to be the only place on Golarion where one can find canopy trolls, a smaller, more agile offshoot of regular trolls.[9]


The forest is a mix of fir, spruce, and maple trees. The deeper reaches are often full of fir; the shadows and still air seem to cause travelers to be easily spooked. The underbrush is thickest in the spruce-dominated sections, but these areas do not cause the same feelings of fear.[2]

The Blight

A strange blight is spreading in the deepest parts of the Fangwood. The cruel children of the debased dryad Arlantia live in the dead trees and this part of the forest is known as the Blight.[10]


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