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Valashmaian Empire‎
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 40

Valashai was an empire, the Valashmaian Empire‎, of cruel reptilians, who are only known as Valashmaians, that existed in the Valashmai Jungle of southern Tian Xia in the Age of Legend.1


Valashai arose in Tian Xia, after the disappearance of the antediluvian elemental empire but millennia before the first humans arrived in this continent. It is said that the Valashmaians were plane-shifting slavers, although this has never been confirmed. Due to the Valashmaians' cruelty, slave revolts were common in the empire. When Earthfall hit, the Valashmaians abandoned Golarion for another world to rebuild their empire. Their culture and learning vanished, but their stone structures remain, hidden in the dangerous reaches of the Valashmai Jungle, which owes its name to that of the ancient empire.123


The Valashmaians were reptilians who stood three times a human's height. When they arrived on Golarion, they populated the Valashmai Jungle with slaves from a thousand planets, including catfolk, lizardfolk, gripplis, vanaras, and xills, among others. These slaves brought countless strange gods from their homes, and the Valashmaians paid lip service to these gods to keep their chattels docile. During the turmoil following Valashai's end, the slaves started fighting and breeding with each other, and their mongrelman descendants continue to worship their old gods today.1


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