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Valashmai Jungle

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The Valashmai Jungle is the southern-most part of the continent of Tian Xia. It is a vast rainforest that dominates a quarter of the continent, filled with jagged volcanic mountains and seemingly endless swamps. It is a place of danger and mystery, and few who set out to explore it ever return. At its eastern border, the Valashmai peninsula connects with the Wandering Isles,[1] while to the north lie the naga realm of Nagajor and the human nation of Xa Hoi.[2]


In -44 AR the otherworldly being known as Agmazar crashed into the eastern portion of the Valashmai Jungle. It was subsequently slain by the kaiju King Mogaru but rose again in its present, undead state. The specific location of its landing has yet to be discovered.[3]