Vendlara Alderane

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Vendlara Alderane

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 15

Hailing from Kyonin, Vendlara Alderane is a celebrated demon hunter who made her name hunting demon spawn in Treerazer's domain. There she made a strong impression on her comrades, and her lively disposition, attractive physique, and authoritative style quickly won her promotion.

Unfortunately, Vendlara doesn't live up to her reputation. She's yet kill an abyssal outsider of any real power, and hides her lack of prowess behind bluff and bluster. Her own legend has gone to her head, and now she finds herself unable to tell her comrades her embarrassing secret, which is starting to catch up to her: the mid-level demons she's fighting are more than she can handle, and her lack of battlefield wisdom is endangering those around her.

Recently her superiors have asked her up to travel to the Worldwound and study the techniques of the Mendevian demon hunters. Vendlara is terrified that the crusaders there will not be fooled by her charms and bluff, and that she will meet her doom in the demon haunted wasteland that is the Worldwound.1


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