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Verrin Tieruk

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Verrin Tieruk
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Commoner 5
Gender Male
Homeland Falcon's Hollow, Darkmoon Vale, Andoran

Source: Hungry Are the Dead, pg(s). 5

Verrin Tieruk tends to a small graveyard a few miles from the Andoren town of Falcon's Hollow. He travels the area in a mule-driven wagon to pick up the dead and buries them for a silver piece.[1]

His hunched posture, creepy demeanor, and absent memory leads many in Falcon's Hollow to consider him a half-wit, and he also has a reputation for scavenging valuables from the corpses that he buries. He lives alone near the graveyard, which he inherited from his great-grandfather, and visits the town once a month for supplies.[1]