Vihar's Bane

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Vihar's Bane
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Sruvara
Gender Unknown
Homeland Near Padiskar, Jalmeray

Source: The Final Wish, pg(s). 79

Vihar's Bane is the name given to a deadly sruvara (a type of azi) that is said to lurk in the swamps near Padiskar on the Isle of Jalmeray. Vihar's Bane is, like most sruvara, an elusive creature, having been glimpsed only a half dozen or so times in the past century. In fact, many believe him—or at least hope him—to be only a rumor. The people of Padiskar fear him, as several times each year they find poison-bloated corpses floating in the swamplands near the borders of his hunting grounds. People do occasionally try to hunt Vihar's Bane down; some of the hunts are merely unsuccessful while most end in tragedy.[1]


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