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Formerly "Shimmering Jewel of Jalmeray"
Small city
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 85

Padiskar was once known as the Shimmering Jewel of Jalmeray, when it was a city famous both for pleasure and for arcane learning. The Arclords of Nex found a nameless horror in the vaults beneath Old Padiskar, and today the city is reduced to being a community of farmers and fisherfolk. The city rings the ancient ruins, surrounding, but never entering them. Whatever awful thing the Arclords released still roams the darkened depths below Padiskar, howling in the blackness. Unlike many other old ruins, Padiskar has yet to be reclaimed by the Thakur and the locals whisper that there may be some fell reason for this. Some have even claimed the Arclords released a bound god which had been transported to the island by Khiben-Sald himself, thousands of years ago.12


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