Virany Goldthorpe

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Virany Goldthorpe
Aliases 'Two-Fingers'
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Homeland Harse, Varisia
Companion(s) Matrena Goldthorpe,
Niona Goldthorpe,
Marnay Zyrvana

Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 37

Virany 'Two-Fingers' Goldthorpe lived in Harse, Varisia and was famous in that town as a great archer despite having lost three fingers to a bear. He was married to Niona Goldthorpe and was father to Matrena Goldthorpe, the latter now a member of the Kodar Kneecappers. Matrena worshipped her father and took after him as an excellent archer. Virany was also the uncle of another Kneecapper: Marnay Zyrvana. Virany died while protecting Harse from a giant attack.[1]


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