Vitric Queen

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Vitric Queen

Source: The Apocalypse Prophet, pg(s). 62

The Vitric Queen is a Jistkan golemcrafter and lich loosely affiliated with Tar-Baphon and the Whispering Way. She has claimed part of the Kortos Mounts as her personal demesne, where she researches into animating constructs and elementals.1


The Vitric Queen is nominally Tar-Baphon's vassal, but their relationship is very loose: she obeys him as long as he avoids giving too many orders, and he supports her research as long as he does not need to do so too frequently.1 She often comes to Aroden's Rest to meditate on the nature of eternity and loss, where she has been counselled by the ghost of Sahba al-Koriab.2


The Vitric Queen was awakened by Whispering Way agents a few years before Tar-Baphon returned, but her country's fallen status sank her into a profound depression, and she moved to the Isle of Kortos to avoid bad memories, carving the Glass Fortress in the caldera of Mount Namran. Recently, she has been galvanised after hearing that the body (and perhaps the core) of a master automaton called the Alkahest Sage can be found in Absalom.1


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