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An air elemental
Type Outsider
(elemental, extraplanar)
CR Varies
Environment Varies
Images of elementals

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 120ff.

An elemental is a creature which is made up completely of one of the four elements of air, earth, fire or water. This means that they do not have anatomies and nervous systems as do most other creatures. As a result they cannot be stunned, poisoned or paralysed, and do not have a blind side or vulnerable areas that can be targeted by their enemies.

They do not breathe, eat or sleep, and are typically outsiders from one of the Elemental Planes.[1]

True Elementals

These creatures appear to be little more than living clumps of elemental material but take many shapes and sizes, and in many cases, when the term 'elemental' is used, it refers to one of these creatures.[2]

The mixing of elements is seen to occur at the borders between the Elemental Planes. At these planar borders elemental creatures may be created from the secondary elements too.[3]

Plane of Air

Plane of Earth

Plane of Fire

Plane of Water

Ethereal Plane

Other Elementals

There are a number of other types of elemental creature, which typically have more defined forms than the 'true' elementals.

For a list of elemental races, see: Category:Elemental subtype creatures.

In Golarion


Elementals are associated with the deserts of Osirion.

Khemet I's alliance with the country's elder elementals was a key factor in his ability to gain the throne of the country by a bloodless coup. His grandson, Khemet III is often accompanied by his fire elemental advisor, Janhelia and some at court fear that the country is on the verge of becoming embroiled in the complex politics of the elemental clans.[4]