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Master automaton

(automaton, extraplanar)
Any (Axis)
Source: Construct Handbook, pg(s). 26

Master automatons are the most powerful of automatons. Their frames are reserved to the highest-ranking members of the Artificer Conclave, including the Automaton Council, and each is customised according to the needs of the individual master. All master automatons share a few abilities, including reconstructing their body from their automaton core, as well as detecting, destroying, and consuming automaton cores to empower themselves, thanks to their frame's arcane resonance matching that found in automaton cores.1


Although the master automatons' ability to consume automaton cores was originally designed to keep rogue automatons in check, unexpectedly, the ability was found to benefit the master automatons, enabling them to empower themselves by absorbing the destroyed core's energy. This discovery led to master automatons considering more and more automatons as deserving of destruction, so they could benefit from the empowerment. This led to an arms race between master automatons, which eventually ended when the means of creating new automaton cores were destroyed intentionally by some masters who wanted to starve off their rivals. This act ended the Artificer Conclave.1

Thereafter, most master automatons went into hiding in the Great Beyond. A few remain on Golarion, hunting for powerful automatons or large collections of cores. Others continue to search for knowledge, or serve as advisors and attempt to guide their masters away from Jistka's mistakes. The master automaton Anquira seeks to speak to others of her kind in the hopes of restoring the secrets of automaton creation.1


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