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Way of Transcendent Bliss

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The Way of Transcendent Bliss
The symbol of Sifkesh
Type Religious
Leader Minesqa Rovoyosh
Alignment Chaotic evil
Headquarters Belila, Bleakmarch, Irrisen
Scope Local
Members Cultists

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 10

The Way of Transcendent Bliss is a new faith brought to the small Irriseni town Belila by a charismatic woman named Minesqa Rovoyosh in 4711 AR. Today more than half the town has converted to the new religion, the baroness and baron included. What none have yet realized is that the Way of Transcendent Bliss is a demonic cult of the Sacred Whore Sifkesh. Minesqa holds her ecstatic rituals in a converted chapel of Pharasma after Pharasma's priest committed suicide upon realizing the blasphemy he had embraced.[1]