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Nation Irrisen
Alignment Neutral evil
Capital Algidheart
Ruler Duchess Weneschia Elvanna
Government Overlord
Languages Hallit, Skald

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 8-13

Bleakmarch is the north-westernmost province of the bleak country of Irrisen.[1] Its capital is the towering city of Algidheart on the Rimeflow River, and it is ruled by Duchess Weneschia Elvanna.[2]

Bleakmarch is framed by the Iceflow River to the west, Rimeflow River to the south, Glacier Lake to the east, and the Winterwall Glacier to the north. All settlements in the province are located on one of these waterways, and the interior is a snowy wilderness of rolling plains with patches of conifers and leafless trees. Except for the occasional peasants engaging in fur trapping or hunting, humanoids otherwise leave the Bleakmarch's interior to the beasts warped by the centuries long supernatural winter. Hungry frost giants traveling alone or in small groups often attack town folk, and occasionally demand tribute to leave a settlement intact.[2]

Places of Interest

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