Windswept Ridge

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The Windswept Ridge is a mountain range located in the farthest extremity of Leng, near Kadath. In this bleak, sharp, stony ridge, the altitude slightly drops, creating a shallow saddle that allows arctic storms and blizzards to get through and turns it into the coldest part of Leng. Situated on this saddle are strange, unnaturally cubic rock formations stacked one upon another. During the fiercest storms, its song sounds mournful like a dirge, and one can almost hear an eerie piping of Tekeli-li... Tekeli-li....1

Only two explorers who dared to seek the ridge have returned; neither dared to pass beyond it, and both tell different accounts of what they saw on the other side. One describes a seemingly endless mountain range, filled with mist-shrouded ancient temples, and the other speaks about a vast frozen city spreading out in a valley, reflected in the sky and visible in that mist. It is unknown which one is true, or whether both are, with the destination not being fixed.1


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