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A shoggoth.

Shoggoths are said to have been around for eons. Legends also claim that, when compared to any other oozes, shoggoths have much greater wisdom. Shoggoths were once the servants of dark powers, but cast off their masters after centuries of mistreatment.1 Sages believe that alghollthus might be their creators, but this is incorrect: the elder things, an even more ancient race, were behind their existence, and uprisings of shoggoth slaves who develop intelligence have been the doom for countless elder thing colonies.234


Shoggoths have no distinct form. They change it to fit the situation as need be, having arms, tentacles, or any other form that might help them to catch and consume their food. Their flesh is mostly black and sometimes translucent, and gives off a very faint luminescence. A shoggoth has no permanent mouth, but it can create and absorb mouths as needed.1

On Golarion

These horrors exist in the deepest, darkest reaches of the oceans or in the remotest ruins and caverns,2 such as islands in the Sightless Sea—cults of the Great Old Ones maintain that shoggoths take the the waters of the sea to sing their insane songs—the Black Desert, and Ilvarandin in the the Darklands realm of Orv;356789 in far-flung ancient ruins;1011 or in the service of monstrous Old Cults of the Dark Tapestry.12

Known shoggoths

On distant worlds

Within the solar system, shoggoths have also been seen near the south poles of Aucturn and Akiton.14


Original source: At the Mountains of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft.

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