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The Witchmarket
Type Market
Leader Aggys
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Headquarters First World
Goals Profit and mischief
Structure Overlord
Members 297 fey, 55 hags, 43 gnomes, 37 elves, 34 humans, 17 half-elves, 44 others

Source: Black Markets, pg(s). 9

The Witchmarket is a small company of fey merchants and scoundrels from the First World who travel to Golarion through gaps and portals between the planes to sell their wares to the unwary and the desperate.[1][2][3]

They sell all kinds of weird and wonderful items—from love potions and magic beans, to replicas of long lost items created by reading the buyer's mind. Their prices are equally strange—a year of life, a kiss, a middle name, childhood memories—and at first the buyer may feel he has got quite a bargain.[1][2][3]

Known associates


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