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(chaotic, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 250

Wrackworms are colossal worm-like outsiders that feed on the flesh of Rovagug and gnaw out of the Dead Vault to spread across the Great Beyond.1


A wrackworm resembles a titanic earthworm 80 feet long when fully uncoiled that weighs 30,000 pounds. Its eyeless head is dominated by a massive maw filled with teeth. Its four long, chitinous limbs are each tipped with a razor-sharp bone scythe. The wrackworm's body ends in a long scorpion-like stinger, dripping with a flesh-ravaging toxin. The wrackworm is deceptively agile for a creature of its size.1


The wrackworms' ancestors were vermin who lived in the soil which was captured and imprisoned inside the Dead Vault alongside Rovagug. Left with no other choice, they fed upon Rovagug's flesh, eventually mutating into the massive wrackworms.1


Within the Dead Vault, wrackworms glut on Rovagug's flesh, growing more hungry the more nibbles they consume. Rovagug himself is not harmed by this, but sometimes he finds them irritating enough and gives a mighty shudder, hurling the wrackworms aside and causing them to instinctually gnaw into the Dead Vault itself, allowing them to burrow out of it to spread across the rest of the Great Beyond. This seems not to undermine its integrity, but many worry that they will eventually damage the prison enough to allow Rovagug to escape.1

Wrackworms never return to the Dead Vault and cannot be banished back there, and the arrival of one in a world is apocalyptic. Wrackworms have no need for food, but are driven to feed by entropic cruelty, and do not care about any specific destination as long as there is something to eat.1

According to some planar scholars, the wrackworms are gnawing in precise patterns as part of a qlippoth plot to unmake the very fabric of reality to finish what Rovagug cannot as long as he remains trapped within the Dead Vault. Wrackworms are also reputed to live in the Spiral Path in the Outer Rifts, suggesting a link to its ruler, the demon lord Yhidothrus.1


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