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The exact location of the waterlogged temple of Xanthuun is unknown, but it is rumored that it can be found somewhere in the Sodden Lands. It is reputed to contain the legendary treasure hoard of Ammelon VI, last ruler of the pre-historic cyclops kingdom of Ghol-Gan.

Much of the information currently known about Ghol-Gan was obtained from the various expeditions sent into the temple, though information is limited since many who entered failed to return.1 One of the few who did make it out alive was the Pathfinder Escobar Vellian, who fought his way through a horde of drowned zombies to escape. His exploits are recorded in Volume 23 of the Pathfinder Chronicles.2 Xanthuun is also said to have been raided a number of times by the Hellblood Corsairs.3


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