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Titles Runelord of Sloth
Lord of Haruka
(-6480 to -6150 AR)
Race/Species Human (presumed)
Class Wizard (Conjurer)
Gender Female
Homeland Haruka, Thassilon
Deity Colyphyr
Died -6150 AR

Source: Secrets of Roderic's Cove, pg(s). 76

Xirie was the first runelord of sloth and ruler of the Thassilonian realm of Haruka. Her reign spanned from -6480 AR to -6150 AR, when she was slain by Nocticula through the patsy Angothane. One of the most powerful followers of Colyphyr, Xirie's death distracted her patron, allowing Nocticula to assassinate Colyphyr, and set in motion a schism that led to the deaths of Angothane himself and two other runelords at the hands of Xanderghul.[1][2]


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