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Realm of Sloth
Krune, Runelord of Sloth
Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 75

The realm of Haruka (pronounced hah-ROO-kah)1 was located at the southern end of the Thassilonian empire and was the domain of Krune, runelord of sloth. Haruka was considered a particularly cruel and hypocritical domain. Its people were, by their very nature, extremely lazy and many worked as slavers as it saved them the toil of manual labour. The other predominant feature of Haruka was its priesthood. Religion seems to have been one of the few issues that could stir the residents of Haruka into any sort of activity. Runelord Krune himself was the chief priest of the rune-goddess Lissala and Haruka had a large priesthood devoted to her worship as well as that of the Peacock Spirit. The rival priesthoods often fought over their differing beliefs, not just with each other but often with heretics and blasphemers within their own church. Legend has it that the capital of Haruka, Xin-Haruka, was razed by a flight of metallic dragons.2


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