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Runelord of Wrath (formerly)
Lord of Bakrakhan
(-6266 to -6150 AR)
Source: Rise of New Thassilon, pg(s). 49

Angothane was the second runelord of wrath and ruler of the Thassilonian realm of Bakrakhan, reigning from -6266 AR to -6150 AR.1


Angothane was a blond, handsome man with waist-length hair and heterochromia.2


After the first runelord of wrath, Alderpash, was imprisoned in the Ivory Labyrinth, following the failure of his plan to betray and sacrifice Sorshen to Baphomet, Angothane struck a bargain with the demon lord Nocticula and seized power, becoming Alderpash's successor, with her help. At the same time, Nocticula also secretly used a mindbind figurine to turn Angothane into her sleeper agent.34

In -6150 AR, Nocticula activated the mindbind figurine and compelled Angothane to assassinate his rival, the runelord of sloth Xirie, during a meeting beneath Kaer Maga. This was the start of a schism that nearly led to civil war if it were not for Xanderghul's murder of Angothane and two other runelords, Atharend and Jurah. Angothane was succeeded by Xiren. Regardless, Angothane's actions forever set the runelords at odds against each other, and conflicts between Thassilonian domains became common from that point onward.124

Angothane's soul was sent to the Midnight Isles, Nocticula's Abyssal realm, after his death. Due to his role in aiding Nocticula's assassination of Colyphyr, Xirie's patron, he was allowed to become a balor in the isle of Tharvool over millennia.5


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