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Xovaikain is the home of Zon-Kuthon in the depth of the Shadow Plane. Raised by the Midnight Lord during his time in exile, Xovaikain is a lightless, steel labyrinth of hopelessness and suffering.[1][2]

Zon-Kuthon's domain was originally, according to legend, a prison constructed by Abadar to restrain the Prince of Pain. When he was released due to a technicality, he reformed Xovaikain into his own domain.[3]

From the outside, it appears as a great obsidian wall jutting out from the ground and into the clouds above. Almost nothing is known about Xovaikain's gloomy interior, and only the cacophony of screams from within provide any insight about the horrors inside.[4] Rarely, a tortured Petitioner 'escapes' the shadowy walls for a brief moment before being drawn back inside by dark tendrils. It is known that the Prince in Chains, Zon-Kuthon's herald, prowls the steel labyrinth, on the prowl for new victims.[5]

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