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Aliases Swallowtail
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Elf
Class Wizard 15
Gender Male
Homeland Kyonin
Organization Lantern Bearers

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 109

The elf wizard Zarineth, once known as the mysterious masked Swallowtail, is the head of operations for the Lantern Bearers.[1]


While Zarineth's personal identity has shifted over recent years, his commitment to the Lantern Bearers has remained unwavering.[1]

Under the Winter Council

Many assumed Swallowtail led the Lantern Bearers, but he admitted that this is not the case. He did not reveal who the true leaders were, however, until they fell: the corrupt Winter Council.[2][1]

Swallowtail derived his alias from Desna's Swallowtail Festival. He concealed his face behind a mask of brown leaves, and little was known about him other than his preference for ice-based spells.[2]

Operating mostly out of Kyonin, he was thoroughly committed to the eradication of the drow and showed no mercy in his dealings with them.[2]

Unmasked and reformed

After the Winter Council's fall, Zarineth abandoned the identity of Swallowtail, revealed his true identity, and shed much of the organization's insular secrecy in favor of radical openness. He attempts to repair the Lantern Bearers' reputation as he also expands and reforms their scope to focus less on the eradication of the drow, and more on redeeming them and any other corrupted elves, as well as fighting the demonic incursions of Treerazer in the Tanglebriar.[1]


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