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A zombie laborer.
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A zombie is the corpse of a creature animated by necromantic magic.1


Those slain by mohrgs instantly animate as fast-moving zombies under the command of their slayer.2

Zombie lords

On rare occasions, a zombie will retain intelligence and memories from its former life. Known as zombie lords, these creatures do not have their lesser brethrens' sluggish movement, and are generally a much greater threat as well.3

Zyphus zombie

Zyphus zombies are undead animated by the necromantic powers of the Zyphus Stone, an ancient Azlanti artifact unearthed in 4708 AR from chambers buried below the House of the Immortal Son in Oppara, Taldor, and dedicated to Zyphus, the god of accidental death. Zyphus zombies carry a disease called Zyphus rot that causes corporeal creatures slain by them to rise as regular zombies within a few minutes. These latter zombies do not carry the disease, and are otherwise like a normal zombie.456


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