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Iomedae battles Erum-Hel, Lord of Mohrgs.

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 208
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Mohrgs are dangerous and malevolent undead creatures born of people who killed countless others during its lifetime. It appears as a skeleton with vivid, living prehensile entrails.1


A mohrg appears similar to a (comparatively) innocuous skeletal humanoid, distinguished by its thick tangle of intestines which hangs to its torso bones and flows out of its mouth in a tongue-like fashion.1

Habitat and society

Mohrgs arise from the executed forms of convicted serial killers, warmongering soldiers, or mass murderers. They are found singly, or in small groups, and may be accompanied by their zombie spawn.1

They retain some of their memories and identity, and delight in killing—preferring to target lone victims, particularly those who will not be missed. They may return to their old hideouts and hunting grounds.1


A mohrg fights by attacking its victims with well-aimed blows from its bony hands. It is also skilled at grasping prey struck in this fashion. However, perhaps its most dangerous weapon is its long tongue, which can paralyse those it strikes. Their bony bodies are hard to damage, and can survive a surprising amount of punishment before being reduced to dust.

Victims killed by a mohrg rise almost instantly as zombies under its control. This burst of negative energy also heals the mohrg and provides it with a short burst of increased speed and reflexes. Cunning mohrgs sometimes build up a large force of zombies before unleashing them on an unsuspecting world.1

On Golarion

Mohrgs are counted amongst the lesser nobility of the undead-dominated nation of Geb.2 Most morhgs that choose to worship a deity honor Urgathoa, but Shax may be chosen by vicious individuals that revel in torture. Zura appeals to those who were cannibals in life.3

Known mohrgs


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