Zulran's Equines

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Zulran's Equines is a sprawling horse ranch belonging to An'Aldane Zulran, guildmaster of the Imperial Union of Breeders. His horses and camels are regarded as some of the finest in all of Katapesh, if not the entire Inner Sea. The horsemaster's animals are bred for one thing: speed, and for this reason they are greatly valued by collectors. Zulran's reputation for breeding fast horses is matched only by his reputation for being a legendary haggler, marking his horses up to well above the usual rate.

The ranch is also home to another profitable venture: a riding school. An'Aldane's riding school is shockingly expensive, and well worth the price, as those who complete his school ride away with unique and enviable skills.

A recent theft of one of his finest chargers by a gnoll bandit named Bristlemane has left An'Aldrane infuriated and offering a 1,000 gp reward for anyone than can return the horse and the head of the offender.1