A. X. Adrius

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A. X. Adrius

Fighter 3 / Rogue 10
Source: Occult Mysteries, pg(s). 20

A. X. Adrius is an Aspis Consortium executive, and the public face of their leadership organization, known as the Patrons.1 She is the only executive that knows of Conference Z's existence, and in return she maintains the secrecy of Professor Tantis Mais' work, as well as his far-flung electrum agents.2

As the Aspis Consortium's public face to the Inner Sea region's most powerful figures, Adrius has perfected the art of spinning and shifting the blame of its miscues while claiming credit for its successes. She is one of the Patrons' two executive members, along with Jaydis Milon Malddis IV.3


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