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Type Corporate executives
Alignment Neutral evil
Headquarters Ostenso, Cheliax with other regional centers
Goals Profit
Scope Regional

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 262-263

The Patrons are the group of individuals who direct the various activities of the Aspis Consortium throughout the Inner Sea region. They prefer to surround themselves with an air of mystery, leading some to believe that the Aspis are run by dark cultists or even alien beings. The truth is much more benign: they consist of two executives, A. X. Adrius and Jaydis Milon Malddis IV, who are the eldest sons of two of the Consortium's original founders, and the eight member board of directors (and majority shareholders) of the corporation.[1]

Business practices

The Patrons prefer to disguise their activities and those of the Aspis Consortium, and few outside of their elite circle are aware of all or even most of the corporation's myriad dealings. This not only gives them an advantage of their competitors, but allows them to distance themselves from past scandals. In these instances, past indiscretions are blamed on retired Patrons and openly condemned, with the public none the wiser as to who was really responsible.[1]

Known Patrons


The Patrons rely on the knowledge and skills of several experts. These include the Consortium's spy mistress Cirildimina Alasbhallas, their fleet master Lord Pairo Gavhaul, the chief of headquarters security Mr. Khayn, and the obsessive chief of the mysterious Conference Z operation, Professor Tantis Mais.[1]


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