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Abysium (also known as feverstone) is a blue-green skymetal that gives off a great deal of energy. This energy sickens those who spend time around it.1 Abysium is rumored to have certain mystical properties, as portals made of the toxic metal that lead to the Dark Tapestry have been found in ancient caves below Absalom.2 It is also known to be associated with conjuration magic, and some claim that its source of power is the Abyss itself, hence the name.3


The skymetal can be used in place of steel in weapons and armor, causing them to glow as bright as a candle but sickening those who carry or wear them.4 In ancient times, the wealthy of Thassilon had manacles fashioned from abysium to keep their most important prisoners docile.3

The method of harnessing the inherent power of abysium and using it to power potent magic items such as golems, traps, or massive magical devices was once thought lost but has recently been rediscovered by scholars studying ancient Thassilon.3

Alchemically powdered abysium can also be distilled into a potent poison known as abysium powder,4 and it was in this powdered form that it was most frequently used in Thassilon.3


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