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An akata can naturally produce noqual from its skin.

Noqual is one of the rarer types of skymetal and has magic-resistant properties. It appears as a pale green crystal, but can be forged like iron, and has half the weight of iron, yet is just as strong.1

Uses of noqual

Noqual is associated with abjuration magic, charity, and envy.2 The mages of Numeria are believed to have learned how to suppress the skymetal's natural anti-magic properties long enough to create noqual golems.3

Kevoth-Kul invented a unique alloy of cold iron and noqual called sovereign steel, which better allows weapon manufacture by attenuating the pure metal's anti-magic properties.4

Sources of noqual

Natural, unprocessed noqual can be found almost exclusively in the nation of Numeria, although a recent meteorite impact near the Varisian city of Riddleport has led to the discovery of the metal there as well.3

The space-travelling akatas can create cocoons around themselves by secreting noqual from their skin, however, this biologically sourced noqual is too low in quality to craft noqual items from it.5


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