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A brimorak demon; all demons can speak Chthonian.
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Some believe that Chthonian, also known as Abyssal, was the first language developed by the inhabitants of the Outer Sphere,1 although this is very difficult to prove given its incredible rate of linguistic change. Chthonian is the native language of the demons of the Outer Rifts, although it is also spoken by many devils, daemons, or others who have frequent dealings with races of the lower realms.2

On Golarion

Chthonian is spoken on Golarion in the Worldwound, a region in northern Avistan with a direct connection to the Outer Rifts that is overrun by demons.3 In Tian Xia, Chthonian is most commonly spoken among the oni and other evil spirits.4 It is also a very useful language when traveling through the drow-controlled5 areas of the Darklands realm of Sekamina, given the dark elves' proclivity for demonic pacts and servants.6


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