Aleh Almaktoum

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The Aleh Almaktoum (meaning Book of the Dead in Ancient Osiriani) is a series of 20 to 24 papyrus scrolls considered to be the definitive Osirian treatise and spellbook on necromancy, primarily on arcane matters. While ignorant people consider Geb to be its author, according to credible Osirionologists, the Aleh Almaktoum far predated his birth, and he only collected it.[1]


The Alek Almaktoum is usually divided into four sections:

  • Preparation of the dead for burial and how to protect a soul from predators with an occult ritual until it reaches the Boneyard to be judged by Pharasma[1]
  • How to combat undead and prevent their creation, including a list of conditions for the natural emergence of undead and symptoms of related diseases[1]
  • How to control or influence undead, and its moral and religious implications[1]
  • How to create undead (this section is believed to have been written by Geb much later than the previous ones, and is usually omitted from non-evil owners' copies)[1]


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