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Race/Species Elf
Gender Male
Homeland Imvrildara, Fierani Forest, Kyonin
Deity Calistria
Organization Imvrildarai
Died Unknown; after 2497 AR

Source: Inner Sea Temples, pg(s). 55

Alendeil was a farmer in Kyonin who became a refugee of Treerazer's demonic invasion in 2497 AR. He fled to Imvrildara, a Calistrian temple, where he became a priest of the order.

Treerazer eventually expanded its invasion and sent the nalfeshnee Echataxun‎ on a mission to destroy the temple, which had become a stronghold against demonic influence. Alendeil battled Echataxun‎ alone and defeated it through a miracle of Calistria that sealed the demon in stone.

Alendeil then committed the rest of his centuries of life to opposing Treerazer and preparing the temple's order, now known as the Imvrildarai, to defend itself.[1]