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a nalfeshnee demon.

Nalfeshnees are huge, physically powerful, boar-headed demons.1 They are sometimes known as greed demons or boar demons.2

Associated sin



Nalfeshnees are massive, four-armed, boar-headed demons. Their hands are fat, and have four fingers rather than five. They are among the largest of the demons; a typical specimen is 20 feet tall and weighs 8,000 pounds.[citation needed]1

Habitat and society

Nalfeshnees do not tend to gather in groups, and are typically either alone or in the company of lesser demons. It is believed that they are formed from the souls of exceptionally greedy (and successful) mortals.[citation needed]

They are extremely intelligent, and have an excellent understanding of the nature of the Outer Rifts. They sometimes claim to be serving the Outer Rifts itself rather than a specific demon lord. They have a talent for ordering the Outer Rifts's chaos.[citation needed]1


A nalfeshnee's immense strength, equal to that of an ancient white dragon, and huge teeth and claws make them fearsome combatants. They can also create a burst of unholy light that imparts stunning visions of madness to any non-demons caught within.[citation needed]1


Nalfeshnees are native to the Outer Rifts, and some of them rule realms larger than the most impressive mortal kingdoms.[citation needed]

Their intellects make them a target for mortal summoners seeking information rather than mere physical prowess.[citation needed]1 Each nalfeshnee has areas of interest in which it is highly knowledgeable, but before a nalfeshnee reveals a secret, it typically demands a secret of at least equal value in return.2

A large number of nalfeshnees serve the demon lord Angazhan in his realm of Ahvoth-Kor, although most are too proud to admit it.3

On Golarion, nalfeshnees can be found in the Tanglebriar swamp in Kyonin, as part of the forces of Treerazer.4


Paizo published a sourcebook about demons called Demons Revisited, which includes a full chapter about nalfeshnees.

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