Amaranthine Council

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Amaranthine Council

Governing council
Govern Mordant Spire
Source: World Guide, pg(s). 67

The Amaranthine Council is the mysterious ruling council of Mordant Spire, where it holds absolute power. Remaining exclusively within the confines of the tower, its members bear a distinctive trait—purple vapor seeping from their vacant eye sockets.1


While the council was mainly working towards an isolationist agenda in the past, a noteworthy shift has emerged in recent years. Some reluctant collaboration with settlers in Azlant is necessary to confront larger alghollthu dangers.2


Positioned beneath the council members, the Listeners maintain residence in the Vigilant Halls situated near the apex of the tower. Their primary responsibilities involve communing with the tower's spirit and utilizing enchanted seawater lenses to observe the remnants of Azlant.2

The Mordant Censors, a force composed of warriors and spellcasters, deal with any threats to the organization.2

The diplomats caution foreign nations to maintain a distance from the island.2

The saboteurs ensure that any serious attempts at infiltration are swiftly foiled.2

There are numerous other specialized roles within the society.2


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