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Titles The One That Watches, Chrestomath
Alignment Neutral (assumed)
Race/Species Caulborn chrestomath
Gender None
Homeland Xavorax

Source: City of Strangers, pg(s). 58
For another meaning of "Anamnesis", please see Anamnesis (item).

Anamnesis can barely be described as a creature; it is a huge, green mound of sentient flesh, which acts as the central relay and library of creatures known as the caulborn. Also known as the One that Watches or the Chrestomath, Anamnesis sits in the Quivering Palace in the subterranean city of Xavorax, far beneath the Varisian settlement of Kaer Maga.[1] There it is cared for and communed with by its hive of caulborn and thoughtkeepers,[2] who keep it alive by feeding it predigested nutrients and memories stolen from the races who live above. It can barely communicate, expressing basic emotions through changes in color, but acts as the chief repository for the caulborn. Its memories go back thousands of years, possibly to a time before the Runelords of Thassilon ruled that part of the world.[1]


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