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A caulborn thoughtkeeper.
Type Outsider
CR 7
Environment Any
Images of caulborn

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 48

The caulborn[1] are a species of telepathic planar scholars and researchers hailing from the Ethereal Plane and united by a species-wide shared memory. Their lives are almost entirely devoted to seeking out new information to add to their collective consciousness, and they have little interest in interactions with other beings that do not further this goal.[2][3][4]


A typical caulborn vaguely resembles a humanoid creature, though with many alien features, including a split lower jaw, fleshy growths on its head resembling a hood, bony protrusions across its body, elongated index and middle fingers, and an eyeless face.[2][3]


Caulborn subsist on the accumulation of esoteric knowledge in the form of psychic energy; their bodies do not need other types of sustenance. As hive-minded creatures, caulborn pool their collected knowledge in a brain-sac called a chrestomath.[2][3] A caulborn can consume knowledge both by learning about new information and by taking it from physical contact with other creatures.[2]


Groups of up to a dozen caulborn often travel with their chrestomath as their joint focus, and upon finding an interesting location, might settle there for years to comprehensively understand it.[2]

Little individual society exists in these groups; all caulborn treat each other equally, though individuals who consume the highest-quality psychic energy or remain closest to the powerful concentration of energy of a chrestomath become more powerful as a result. These improved caulborn are known as thoughtkeepers.[3]

On Golarion

Although not native to Golarion, caulborn have lived beneath the Varisian city of Kaer Maga for years beyond human (or even elven) reckoning.[5] The city of Xavorax hosts a colony of caulborn, including thoughtkeepers, as a hive around their chrestomath, Anamnesis.[3]

In the Great Beyond

While caulborn originate from the Ethereal Plane, they have spread to numerous planes in their quest for new knowledge. They still maintain a fortress known as Xevnorvex in the Ethereal Plane, an organic structure that serves as both a repository for the caulborn's accumulated knowledge and as living quarters for the caulborn themselves.[4]


Dynamite Entertainment published a Pathfinder Chronicles appendix about caulborn in Spiral of Bones 3.

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