Caulborn thoughtkeeper

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Caulborn thoughtkeeper
A caulborn thoughtkeeper.

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 12

Caulborn thoughtkeepers are especially powerful caulborn whose exposure to particularly powerful psychic energy has made them stronger and more important to their hive. Like other caulborn, their lives are almost entirely devoted to seeking out new information to add to their collective consciousness, but thanks to their enhanced abilities thoughtkeepers are often trusted to stray farthest from their hive. Other thoughtkeepers are trusted with guarding their chrestomath.12


A caulborn thoughtkeeper looks no different from a typical caulborn. It vaguely resembles a humanoid creature, though with many alien features, including a split lower jaw, fleshy growths on its head resembling a hood, bony protrusions across its body, elongated index and middle fingers, and an eyeless face.132


Caulborn thoughtkeepers form naturally from caulborn who consume the highest-quality psychic energy, or who spend the most time near a chrestomath's concentrated knowledge.12


Although thoughtkeepers are more powerful, they are not treated with deference among their caulborn hive and wear no outward signs of rank or privilege. They are instead viewed more like stronger appendages of the hive.12

On Golarion

The city of Xavorax beneath Kaer Maga hosts a colony of caulborn, including thoughtkeepers, as a hive around their chrestomath, Anamnesis.1


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