Ancil Alkenstar

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Ancil Alkenstar

Lawful neutral
Originally Quantium in Nex, then Alkenstar in the Mana Wastes
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 111

Ancil Alkenstar was an ambitious inhabitant of Quantium, in Nex. He had an early interest in magic, but later replaced it with a passion for technology.

He was accused of crimes against Nex and, in 4588 AR, he fled into the Mana Wastes in order to avoid arrest. He found his way to the ruins of Dongun Hold, and eventually established a new nation there—the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar,1 whose capital was named Alkenstar City. This became a haven for those fleeing magical enemies.

Alkenstar also made contact with the dwarves of Dongun Hold, and gained access to their greatest invention—firearms.2


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